Wedding Gown & Suit

We heard it is often couple quarrel over selection of wedding dress.  For your best sake, we offer our professional advises and assistance on selection of wedding dress. Leave the hassles to us the experienced and professional ones, you two loveliest birds are supposed to enjoy the moment.

wedding Dresses

A set of carefully tailored and designed, heavenly looking wedding dresses can definitely bring higher climax to your big day!


Capturing Love and Laughter

Here at ‘2 of Us Weddings’, we desire to celebrate you. We want to embrace your dreams of this life-changing occasion and create stunning memories that details the love, laughter and authenticity of your journey here.

Creative Partnership

2 of Us Weddings consists of a passionate and growing team of photographers who boldly believes that Love should be fully celebrated with real happiness, a touch of hilarity and absolute originality.


  • Cole Kor is a creative photographer who uses unconventional methods to produce the unique style of 2ofPhotography.
  • While Cole has won numerous awards including the Fearless Awards, he has also produced breath-taking wedding photos that has captured the liveliness, love-filled moments of couples that are brimming with laughter.


Cole Kor’s inspired photographs are recognised and accoladed with over 190 awards.

He has been granted numerous medals by the Asiawpa International Photography & Videography Competition held in the year 2017 and year 2018. He has also achieved 24 lifetime fearless awards as of year 2018 and listed as the “BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN SINGAPORE”.


One stop solution, professional service and huge flexibility for everything you need for your super special day. To know more about our wedding videography service, don’t hesitate to contact us