Why So Serious?

After seeing the 100th pre-wedding photoshoot video, the nicely edited photos can start to get boring. So, here’s 5 ways you could find your unique style, and get your family and friends to grin!

1. Be Silly
It’s easy to think that gorgeous prewedding engagement photos can’t involve funny faces or weird poses because we think beauty has to be ‘serious’. But we forget that being silly can be fun, not only for yourselves, but also for your wedding guests!

2. Be Our Guest
Just like how life gets interrupted by something amazing, don’t be afraid to have one or more guests in your photos. Afterall, variety is the spice of life!

3. Be Personal
Do you both love cats more than dogs, and hope to own 9 pets in the future? Grab your pet, or even favourite hobby along for your photoshoot! Let your shared passions be captured, forever!

4. Be Yourself
Are you a leather jacket and jeans kind of couple who loves dressing casual?Bring your fashion style into your prewedding shots for an authentic and much more comfortable photoshoot!


5. Be Spontaneous
Spontaneous ideas from your photographer could be scary especially if you’re not sure if it’ll “work”. It’s important to have fun and trust the man behind the camera knows what he’s doing. Want to speak to the creative genius behind these fun photos?


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